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I’m launching my new, more functional site to coincide with a very exciting “Mama’s Toolbox” podcast featuring me, your doula!

What an honour to sit down and have a good talk with Anne Walsh of Mama’s Toolbox. The goal of Mama’s Toolbox is to discuss the many things related to mothering that it seems no one ever talks about! You know that includes so many things in the birthing realm. Anne sat down with Gina to discuss subjects near and dear to a doula’s heart… such as relaxation techniques, self-advocacy and the role of a doula supporting your ideal birth. Listen in for an engaging discussion about birth topics and the challenges of being a new parent. BONUS: We’re offering a contest for our fans and followers to win a copy of Sheila Stubbs’ awesome book entitled: Birthing the Easy Way (from Someone Who Birthed the Hard Way). Stay tuned for all the details!

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